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"See U is fairly restrained in its low end; beats feel like they are coming at you through a stethoscope, but it’s not long before the blips and bloops that scuttle and twitch around the faint, steady bass seem familiar. The whole thing plays like a distant dream though lands of raccoon tails and A, B up/down combinations. These arrangements will resonate with anyone who grew up in the eight- to 16-bit generation of video games. The racket of power ups and rewards hit in a very textured yet subtle way on See U through tracks with titles like “Insert Cartridge” and “SuperDenjin.” Long before big artists were contracted to soundtrack games, scoring them was the duty of programmers, and their mark on pop culture is indelible—just try humming the theme to Super Mario Brothers or Tetris. So hearing these spastic flashes arranged in a gentle way is incredibly soothing and cheerily rewarding. The only negative to it all is that the entire record clocks in around 20 minutes before it’s game over."

"What happens when you mix hip-hop with holographic beats? You get new music from the mysterious producer called Cut From The Team.

His 9-track album is like no ordinary hip-hop sound; it steps aside from the hip and jazzy melodies to a more electronic vibe. It’s a beatific and euphoric instrumental hip-hop album, that in his words sounds like daydreams about an island in East Asia.

The entire album seems like a fantasy when you close your eyes and the music takes you to an imaginary place. Producer Cut From The Team’s main inspiration was Japan, the sound and atmosphere of its streets and people. Intros to songs like “Kicks,” “See U” and “Insert Cartridge”, transport you to Japan with the sounds of people talking, skate boarding and shopping.

You also can’t help but hear the cool sound effects from video games, beeps and tech noises in tracks like “Dhalsim Fire” and “Game Over”. It makes you feel like you’re actually inside an arcade playing a video game.

Cut From The Team put together his passion and creativity to create a perfect instrumental hip-hop album that is electric, enchanting and like nothing you’ve heard before." by Pia Cabrera

"How about some beats? Check the latest project from Cut From The Team, a Tokyo beatsmith."
~~ Sean Gevity /

"On his new LP See U, the mysterious producer known as Cut From The Team doesn't sample the classic soul vocals, funky bass lines or jazzy melodies that make up far too many hip-hop instrumentals. Instead, Cut opts to use the chorus of beeps, blips and chirps that countless '80s kids created by punching buttons in arcades. And if those sound effects don't evoke retro video games, then song titles like "Insert Cartridge" and "Game Over," certainly will.

But despite using yesteryear's entertainment consoles as source material, See U doesn't evoke feelings of warm nostalgia or winking irony about those games. Instead, Cut combines those Atari-esque sounds with droning synths and kick drums that stutter like a short-circuiting transistors. The album won't trigger listeners' fond memories of playing these games, but instead make them feel like ghosts in a machine that's growing more obsolete by the minute. It makes for a haunting, ambient and entirely unique listen."
~~ Kyle Mullin /

See U is a beatific and euphoric instrumental hip hop album and the champion URBNET release from producer, Cut From The Team. This 9 track album sounds like daydreams about an island in East Asia; because that is exactly what inspired it.

“The entire record is very personal to me ...
Sounds from a place I have an outstanding longing for ...
As a kid I always wanted to visit Japan and still do …
Japan is a huge inspiration to me.” - Cut From The Team

See U is the soundtrack to a fantasy day in Japan and what the producer, Cut From The Team, would do with his time in this dream destination.

“Waking up in the morning, just walking around ...
Soaking up the atmosphere, skating ...
Visiting places I adore, seeing my friends, cruisin’ together.” - Cut From The Team

The day that sounds sweet to Cut From The Team,fueled his creativity and gave this album a dreamy heart. Instrumental hip hop that is electric and lovely -- you can almost feel the height of Tokyoskyscrapers around you, or the breeze from Mount Takao.


released February 17, 2015



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Cut From The Team Denver, Colorado

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